Failles (Phono Suecia)

"Without any doubt this is a unique CD; who else has thought to compose a trio for recorder, trombone and cello?

She has lived in France since 1988 and cites a number of composer influences picked up on her studies and travels, including Sandstršm, Nunes, Ferneyhough and Scelsi, together with visual art and literature - and "life". She is interesting i the relationships within ensembles and each voice finds itself in 'intimate, counterpointal contact with others'. Lower instruments are favoured and here quiet, unassertive voice certainly relates to Scelsi '(at last getting wider exposure in this his centenary year) and to Feldman, though her sound world is different from either's.There is an apperent flexibility, underpinned by unobstrusive control; 'minutely composed but les calculated'. If you find it in a record shop, I'd recommend listening to Andelek - the most intimate and lyrical saxophone quartet you're ever likely to encounter - and the very beautyful track of Å svävare for 3 voices used instrumentally, viola and cello.

Musical Pointers © Peter Grahame Woolf