Hasegawa Tohaku: pine trees
bass flute/ alto flute, english horn/oboe, alto saxophone (or clarinet in A), percussion, piano, violin, cello

commission: Concerts Sweden for ensemble MA
first performance: 5.9.2009, Capitol, Stockholm, MA: Sarah Lindloff, Kennet Bohman, Christer Johnsson, Eva Lindal, Chrichan Larson, Love Derwinger, Jonny Axelsson, conductor: Staffan Larson
publisher: Svensk Musik

A natural starting point for composing a piece for the ensemble Ma, was the inspiration of the japanish word Ma (dimension, interval, distance in space and in time). Sondes is composed out of a web of different tempi, each one connected to a specified space of time. Each instrument follow its way, its own combination of these spaces which throughout the piece cross, overlaps, cooperates with, or not, the others, creating a sort of patchwork, organized in seven sections. The title arised afterwards, Sondes, (Sounding lines), and relates foremost to the exploration of the register, towards depth and height.

Madeleine Isaksson